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Posted on Nov. 25, 2016
 Andhra and Telangana Vikalp Sangam   17-19 Oct. 2014  at Ananthapur Telugu version of this Vikalp Sangam Report
 Tamil Nadu Vikalp Sangam   14-17 Feb. 2015  at Madurai
 Ladakh Vikalp Sangam

  20-24 Jul. 2015

 at Leh, J & K Vikalp Sangam Shukpachan (follow up to Ladakh VS) report and Let's Re-visit Ladakh 2025- Vision Document and article Despair and Hope on the Roof of the World
 Maharashtra Vikalp Sangam   27-30 Oct. 2015  at Wardha Press Note in Marathi for this Vikalp Sangam
 Bijali Vikalp Sangam   3-6 Mar. 2016  at Bodh Gaya, Bihar     
6 Kachchh Vikalp Sangam   27-30 Jul. 2016  at Bhuj, Gujarat Article Grounded in Communities: People-powered alternatives spark hope in Kachchh
 Western Himalayas Vikalp Sangam   20-22 Aug. 2016  at Palampur, HP
8  Food Vikalp Sangam   17-20 Sep. 2016  at Muniguda, Odisha Article on Local Knowledge Systems and Video on the event
9  Youth Vikalp Sangam     3-5 Feb. 2017  at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Annexures:  1 Participants   and  2 Discussion Points on Alt. Framework Note
10  Kerala Vikalp Sangam 10 - 12 Apr. 2017  at Bodhigram, Adoor, Kerala Photostory on the Vikalp Sangam
11  Second Vikalp Sangam on Food  6 - 9th Oct.  2017   at Bajju, Rajasthan.  Article on the same - A confluence of Food Alternatives"
12  National Vikalp Sangam 27-29 Nov. 2017 at Prakriti Sadhana Kendra, Udaipur, Rajasthan Article National Vikalp Sangam at Udaipur: A Confluence of Alternatives

 Health Vikalp Sangam

12-13th June, 2018 at Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu Concept note for this Health Sangam and a rejoinder to the report by Suhas Kolhekar
14   Vikalp Sangam for Peace in Central India 8-10 June, 2018 at Tilda, Chhattisgarh About Peace March (Central India) Proposed to begin on 2 Oct. 2018 (in Hindi and English)
 15  Western Himalayan Vikalp Sangam II 11 to 14 Nov. 2018 at Rakkar, Himachal Pradesh


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