First Cattle Fair of Mannanur / Nallamala-Pod Cattle

Posted on Dec. 31, 2016 in Livelihoods

First Cattle Fair of Mannanur / Poda / Nallamala cattle was organized on 27th December 2016 at B.Lakshmipur village, Amrabad Mandal, nagarkurnool District by the Cattle Breeders Community in collaboration with Telangana State Biodiversity Board (TSBDB), Department of Animal Husbandry, WASSAN and CONARE NGOs.

Dr. C. Suvarna IFS, Member Secretary TSBDB, Shri. E. Sridhar IAS District Collector & Magistrate and Dr. Arjava Sharma, Director, National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal (Haryana) were the Chief Guest’s for the program.

About 1000 Mannanur cattle of (different categories, namely, cow, breeding bull, bullock, and young stocks) 600 breeders from Amrabad, Achampet, Mannanur, and Lingal mandals participated in the fair. Several programmes like launching of breeders association with logo, different types of cattle competition, cultural programme and distribution of incentive for data recording for registration of Mannanur cattle were conducted.

The breeders also took a pledge to conserve and protect their indigenous Mannanur / Nallamala Poda cattle.

The objectives of the cattle fair

  • Appreciate and recognize breeders contribution in conservation of mannanur cattle germ plasm
  • Release of Draft memorandum of Breeders’ Association
  • Exhibit various practices of cattle rearing by the breeders
  • Bring awareness among various stakeholders on importance of conservation and improvement of animal genetic resources

It is expected that around 400 breeders from Amrabad, Achampet, Mannanur, and Lingal areas will come and participate in the fair. Around 250 mannanur cattle of different categories, namely, cow, breeding bull, bullock, and young stocks. Following activities will be carried out during the day long cattle fair.

  • Brief update on progress of breed descriptor work
  • Workshop on Formation of Breeders’ Association
  • Launching of Breeders’ Association
  • Different types of cattle competition
  • Cattle show
  • Cultural programme
  • Demonstration and Exhibition of Technologies promoted by Department of AH
  • Distribution of incentive for data recording for Registration of Mannanur Cattle

Reported by Wassan - see more photos

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