Story Posting Guidelines

Please refer to these guidelines for posting stories to this site.

  • Share a story summary
  • Suggest the Category where this story should belong. You may suggest more than 1 category. Refer to Category descriptions.
  • Provide contact details of the author or person(s) involved in the story
  • Suggest keywords that would help others find this story
  • Provide as much detail as possible
  • Provide pictures to make the story more appealing
  • If you have more than 1 file then please upload those as a single Zip file

How to get Map Coordinates?

Here are basic steps to get map coordinates latitude and longitude from Google Maps

  1. Visit Google maps site
  2. Search for the location of the story that you are sharing
  3. Right click close to the location and select menu "Whats here?"
  4. You should see the Latitude and Longitude in the Search window of the map
  5. Please share these values in the contribute form
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