Videos for Vikalp Sangam, by Video Volunteers

By Video Volunteers on Feb. 8, 2017

These videos were made specially for Vikalp Sangam

They are short videos by community members on alternative initiatives that attempt to integrate ecological sustainability, economic democracy, social justice, cultural diversity and democratic governance.

Jharcraft- an ailing art that needs revival

Jharcraft was established with a mission to change lives through the creation of new opportunities that would effectively, efficiently, and positively affect the lives of a large number of people across the state.However of late Jharcraft’s support to craftspersons appears to have declined considerably.


Art Room- a space for expression

Art Room utilizes the medium of art to empower children and women of marginalized communities. It believes that exploring, expressing and exchanging ideas through art creates confidence and stimulates personal growth.


How Mahua seeds made rural women independent | Dashrathi Bahera reports for IndiaUnheard

“Now we step out of our homes confidently. This is our achievement”.
This statement sums up the spirit of euphoria of the members of “Bansidhara Producer Group Of Women”, a Self Help Group formed in Bijgori village of Odisha.


Football as a tool to advance sexual and reproductive health of women

Work of Mahila Swarojgar Samiti in UP. Through learning to play football, the girls' bodies are energised and it also plays a crucial role in shaping their sexuality.


Doctor on Call – Medical phone service in Chhattisgarh

Swathya Swara is non-profit, mobile based platform that aims at using voice portals to revive local medicinal knowledge. It aims to address rural community health issues and at the same time help in protection and distribution of ancient knowledge of local healers and other traditional practitioners.

Read a story on this initiative - Swasthya Swara : A Unique Community Health Solution


Rooftop rainwater harvesting makes life easier

Badlao means Change. The Badlao Foundation is committed to bring about fundamental changes in the lives of the excluded people--- Dalits, OBC, Minorities, and Tribals --- and ensure economic freedom for a happier future. Through various initiatives like rooftop rainwater harvesting, installing rooftop solar panels, the foundation is trying to strengthen the capabilities of an individual and the community.

Read a story on this initiative - Roof Top Water Harvesting Structure : A Source of Income with Nutrition


A care and rehabilitation center for people with Autism Spectrum.

ARUNIMA literally means "The Glow of Dawn". ARUNIMA is a project dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of the persons on the autism spectrum. The centre runs on a not for profit basis and is a much needed relief for families who struggle with the autistic children due to lack of information.

Read a story on this initiative - Arunima: Joy Possible / अरुणिमा : खुशियों की संभावनाएं (in Hindi)

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