‘We have more hardy, nutritious grains than GM can offer’

Debal Deb has conserved 1,200 climate resilient rice varieties. He speaks on the need to conserve traditional seeds and why we don’t need genetical...

Over 5000 Organic Farmers Are Reviving Traditional Crop Varieties. Thanks to One Organization.

Sahaja Samrudha farmers have conserved and revived over 700 traditional paddy varieties and facilitated the conservation of more than 68 varieties ...

Weaving Threads of Art & Identity: A Kachchh Experience

Preservation of traditional arts is deeply interlinked with preservation of identity and culture in the Kachchh.

Woman earns profit growing organic millets

Millet farmers are able to influence a large number of farmers raising paddy and sugarcane to switch over to organic farming in their area.

आघे चो बीज के सम्हालतो बिता किसान (in Halbi language of Bastar )

हुनचो लग १०० किसम चो देसी धान आसे. ए सपाय धान चो बारे में हुन अलग अलग नानी नानी जानकारी खोजलोसे.

Folk Rice Magic and Low Yield Myths

Traditional crop varieties are often recorded to have out-yielded modern varieties in marginal environmental conditions

A farmer saving our heritage of seeds

Dahiya-ji has collected 110 varieties of rice, which he is constantly protecting and preserving.

Sowing the seeds of Swaraj

“(Traditional) seeds have a treasure of past experience inbuilt. They are accustomed to vagaries of nature, while the modern seeds are yet to learn...

बीज विरासत को सहेजता किसान (in Hindi)

उनके पास देशी धान की 110 किस्में हैं। इन सभी धान के गुणधर्मों का उन्होंने बारीकी से अध्ययन किया है। वे हर साल इन्हें अपने खेत में बोते हैं और अध्ययन करत...

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