The Slow Food Junior Chef’s Academy Summer Camp

"You use hing (asophetida) in your cooking, but do you know what it actually is? No? Then go and find out."

Sustaining vision: replication or renewal?

How can schools transform into learning, moving, creative institutions that regenerate from within?

When Faith Struck a Happy Chord

This initiative not only revealed the many musical facets of the children, but also resulted in several changes in their outlook.

The language link

A young tribal teacher of Odisha uses the children's mother tongue to link their world to that of mainstream education in Odia and English.

Welcome to Yugaantar – a think space for young India

A resource hub for youth, educators and decision makers in various sectors, which will provide authentic, inspirational and cutting-edge content.

लड़ाई पढ़ाई साथ साथ (in Hindi)

"हम बच्चों को खेती के तौर-तरीके, आदिवासी मूऱ्ति कला, स्थानीय जडी-बूटी से इलाज और परंपरागत ज्ञान व स्थानीय इतिहास के बारे में पढ़ाते हैं।"

மருதம் பண்ணைப்பள்ளி: இருப்பினூடே ஒரு பரிணமிப்பு (in Tamil)

கல்விமுறையில் பெரும் மாற்றத்திற்கான மாதிரியாகத் திருவண்ணாமலையில் செயல்பட்டுவரும் மருதம் பண்ணைப்பள்ளி

The language of diversity

Adivasi Academy, a learning institute, is a must visit place for one to learn the importance of language and cultural diversity of our country.

A University With No Classrooms, No Teachers, Degrees, Curriculum, and Exams- Swaraj University

Democratic education has helped khojis be more tolerant, patient and learn to look at other’s point of view- which is very essential in today’s liv...

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