Organic Food Market Opens at Rayagada

Posted on July 11, 2018 in Food and Water

As people are growing conscious about consuming safe and organic food, a weekly market was opened at Muniguda in Rayagada district to cater to the needs of locals wanting healthy and chemical-free food.

The market known as “Paribarika Nirapada Khadya Kendra” is based on mutual trust of farmers and consumers. The market that functions on every Wednesday was set up by the joint efforts of local consumers and farmers with support from Living Farms, an organisation that works to promote safe food practices among the people of the State and outside.

The market is not only a place of sale and purchase between the farmers and the consumers, it is a platform where the farmers and the consumers can exchange their ideas regarding better ways of developing safe and organic food and fixing fair prices which will not put much burden on the buyers and the ensure a good profit for the farmers, said project coordinator, India for Eco Food Campaign, Living Farms Dr Jagatbandhu Mahapatra.

Prices of different goods are decided mutually by the farmers and the consumers on a monthly basis, said campaign coordinator Abhisek Dwivedi.

While the farmers will not use chemical pesticides and fertilisers, the consumers need to have trust on the farmers. Consumers along with their family members can visit the fields.

When there is less production, the consumers will share the produce judiciously among themselves.

There is no bargain regarding the price of any product and the consumers follow a rate chart displayed in the market place.

However, everybody cannot buy from this market. Only those, who belong to the consumers’ forum can only buy the product. New consumers can be added to the list with prior approval from the farmer-consumer committee, he added.

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