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मेरी अभिव्यक्ति - My Learning in and through Theatre (in Hindi)

थिएटर की दुनिया में एक अलग तरह की आज़ादी है जहाँ मैं खुल के जी पाता हूँ, अपनी सोच रचनात्मकता तरह से दुसरो के सामने रख पाता हूँ, बे झिझक सवाल पूछ सकता...

देशातील पहिला धरा चित्र उत्सव (in Marathi)

सद्ध्याच्या स्थितीत शेतीविषयीच्या प्रश्नांवर ७ शेतांमध्ये ७ वेगवेगळी चित्रे साकारण्यात आली आहेत.

India's first Land Art Festival

Through this land art festival we will be celebrating our land, our soil, our food and nature...

Vikalp Sangam Report - Hemis Shukpachan

"Integrated organic farming is the way forward for Ladakh to ensure maximum returns largely due to the paucity of cultivable land in the region."

A Seat at the Table: Women in Manipur Strive for Peace in a Militarized State

Women in Manipur are building peace and advocating to end militarization in a state awash with guns and drugs.

Carrying forward the tradition

With a motto that means Music to the Masses, SaMaPa is a national level platform for presentation, propagation, and teaching of traditional music.

An organic way of life

Clothing, pickles, packaging... the city has a thriving organic ecosystem

A crowd funded `Janarajyotsava’ award

Hundreds of people from across Karnataka gathered to celebrate the life and struggle of Somanna, and the `Janarajyotsava award’ was conferred on him.

Music Basti – a musical shelter

An endeavour like ours can trigger some sort of re-evaluation of arts education in schools.

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