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Sleeping with danger

The residents were calm. Instead of clobbering the king cobra to death, the family left the bathroom door ajar so it could find its way out on its ...

शाल के तले - असम का अद्वितीय वन-संरक्षक नाट्योत्सव (in Hindi)

शाल कुंजो का संरक्षण समुदाय की रीतियों से सम्बद्ध है। शाल के यह जंगल हमें पूज्य हैं। मरणोपरान्त, लोगों को इन्हीं वृक्षों के नीचे दफन किया जाता है।

Rikhiyaasan Rath: Capturing History and Identity

"Rikhiyaasan Rath" brings the ancestral past of the Rikhiyaasan (Musahar) community into the forefront. Created by girls of the community.

A Space of Freedom

How an arts outreach initiative and an environmental justice campaign are together transforming public life in Chennai.

A fruitful journey

A food safari in the desert of Rajasthan reveals a variety difficult to imagine in cities

Under the Sal Tree, a Unique Theatre Festival That Unites the Villages of Assam

Held inside a forest in Assam’s Goalpara district, the annual festival has become an example of a unique format of contemporary theatre in India.

‘We are living through change’: How theatre is empowering women in the Sunderbans

Jana Sanskriti’s intervention has led to greater voice for the wife and effected changes in opinion over what a prototypical ‘good wife’ is.

Stewards of Food Culture and Biodiversity: Voices from the Northeast

Indigenous communities of Northeast India are guardians of its unique biodiversity and food culture.

The Food Culture of Khasi Hills

This photo story captures glimpses of the food culture of the Khasis which is largely influenced by the biodiverse hills of Meghalaya.

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