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Insect-eating bird population drops in heavily extracted Himalayan oak forests

Encourage local communities to capitalise on the increased bird tourism in Uttarakhand by setting up homestays ...


People had more than enough things to spare and these items could find a new life - an excellent channel for reuse and recycle.

वैकल्पिक खनन का कोयला सत्याग्रह (in Hindi)

यहां लोगों ने न केवल वैकल्पिक नजरिया दिया है बल्कि छोटे स्तर पर उसकी पहल शुरू की है।इससे स्थानीय लोगों की आजीविका भी सुरक्षित होगी, उनका टिकाऊ विकास भ...

The Makeshift Huts – Indigenous Agro-pastoral Communities

Simple structure, used for shelter from weather and protection from wild animals, and also to store food. The hearth is under the elevated floor.

Swaraj Jail University, Udaipur

It is a space for the learner-inmates to connect to their deeper purpose and passion.

‘Multi-cropping has economical and agronomic benefits’

“The climate is changing and becoming hostile to farmers. Even if four-five crops survive, your food needs are met,”

Handloom saris produced with natural dyes hit the market

Will all weavers of cooperative societies in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts produce Udupi saris with natural dyes?

This khadi collective in a Karnataka village has clients around the world

A diversified Gandhian village economy attempting to train Dalit women and women from other marginalised castes in new remunerative skills

The Bengaluru FC footballer who turned to law

Dr B.R. Ambedkar plays cameo in ex-Bengaluru FC player's Gonzo-style novel - an endeavour to improve legal literacy.

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