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Malnad will leave you with food memories

The theme for this year’s Mela is traditional seeds and cuisine, and transformation/healing.

Balancing rights and responsibilities: community-based forest governance in Maharashtra

The revenue to the Gram Sabha from bamboo has brought financial independence, where collective decisions on the utilisation of funds are taken.

Made in India: World's first full atlas for the blind

The atlas has been prepared not only in English but also in Bengali, Gujarati and Telugu.

भारत में तैयार हुआ विश्व का पहला नेत्रहीनों के लिए पूर्ण एटलस (in Hindi)

अब पहली बार नेत्रहीन लोग किसी नक्शे को छूकर पढ़ सकते हैं। एटलस अंग्रेजी, बंगाली, गुजराती और तेलुगू में भी तैयार किया गया है।

First Cattle Fair of Mannanur / Nallamala-Pod Cattle

Several programmes like launching of breeders association with logo, different types of cattle competition for Mannanur cattle were conducted.

‘Badlao’- A step towards transformation

Badlao is trying to reach, where the government has not been able to fulfill its promises.

Empowering Indian Farmers: An Interview with Sneh Yadav

Organic is a way of farming in a responsible manner, where a farmer cares for mother earth, for the environment, for animals ...

Banni pastoralists see success in battle for survival

“After 10 years of use, a Nano car would go to Bhangarwala (mechanical waste collector) whereas Banni Buffalo will produce at least four new buffa...

देशातील पहिला धरा चित्र उत्सव (in Marathi)

सद्ध्याच्या स्थितीत शेतीविषयीच्या प्रश्नांवर ७ शेतांमध्ये ७ वेगवेगळी चित्रे साकारण्यात आली आहेत.

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