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University of Ingenuity

... training small farmers to adopt natural resources for sustainable livestock farming, fishery and crop husbandry, and that too, free of cost.

Meet Aqui Thami from Darjeeling, whose travelling library is putting the spotlight on women’s books

... I was moved to reading more and more non-fiction which in turn enriched my work and life processes.

Notes on Hosting the Creativity Adda Girls Summer Camp

We encourage our (girl) students (too) to dream up alternate, positively charged futures for themselves and the world

What would a thriving rural space look like?

Understanding that the more important role of the pond was to recharge underground reservoirs and if the water stays longer more will percolate...

Sparks from a conversation

We need to work towards approximate and imperfect solutions — those that are attainable and will have us at peace.

Kerala gets first solar-powered school in Alappuzha

The grama sabha made the initial investment. The school (975 students) needs 1.5KW- 2KW daily. They have become self-sufficient in power

The forest in Shanti teacher's classroom

Shanthi Kunjan, an Adivasi and degree-holder, is a primary school teacher. She wants education for tribal students to be relevant and accessible

உழைப்புக்கும் தமிழுக்கும் முதலிடம்! (in Tamil)

On THAMIZH THAI SCHOOL, an alternative education school in Sankarankovil, District - Thrunelveli, Tamil Nadu

திருவிழாக் கோலம் கண்ட பள்ளி! (in Tamil)

On Thamarai School, an alternative education school in Chinnakattupalayam, (Cuddalore) Tamil Nadu

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