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The Slow Food Junior Chef’s Academy Summer Camp

"You use hing (asophetida) in your cooking, but do you know what it actually is? No? Then go and find out."

Sanitarily yours...

At a school in Kanchipuram, teachers and students harvest manure from dry composting toilets, thus paying possibly the best tribute to Gandhi

Baala Balaga School’s innovative approach to education puts play at the centre of learning

This equal opportunity school enables affordable access to education. It emphasizes learning that is child-centric, activity-oriented, play-based, ...

From Food to Electricity, This School Produces Everything It Needs In Its Own Backyard

“The aim is to produce responsible citizens, who do not only relish the fruits of the earth but also learn to preserve it in return,” says Jenkins.

A silicon tide lifts many boats

Free Software Movement of Karnataka teaches children from the slum how to wield a mouse and use open source software to gain 'whitecollar' skills.

The Sight of a Blind Farmer Gave This Man the Vision to Create a Better Bihar

What do a football programme, a hospital and a vocational training programme have in common? One man’s vision for a better Bihar.

When Faith Struck a Happy Chord

This initiative not only revealed the many musical facets of the children, but also resulted in several changes in their outlook.

The language link

A young tribal teacher of Odisha uses the children's mother tongue to link their world to that of mainstream education in Odia and English.

Vidhya Das: Fighting for poor women in India

From educating girls to empowering their mothers, Vidhya Das has spent decades defending the rights of scheduled tribes.

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