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Community-based Tourism in Pawalgarh

Ecotourism leads the way for conservation and better livelihood opportunities for local youth

Tharangini - The Oldest Surviving Hand-Block Printing Studio in Bangalore

Tharangini works towards sustainability of the environment. This is commendable and desirable in other garment and dyeing factories.

Lakshmi Murmu Smriti Shishu Vidyalaya

The focus of work of the collective is on the adivasis and the marginalized caste groups residing in the hamlets of Chattna block of Bankura (Bengal).

Ecologies of Hope and Transformation: Post-Development Alternatives from India (2018)

The stories in the book challenge inequality, ecological damage, centralised governance, and the currently dominant model of development.

Case Studies of Alternatives (2014 - 16)

These case studies are in pdf file format.

Very Much on the Map: the Timbaktu Collective

Very Much on the Map: the Timbaktu Collective. Kalpavriksh Pune, Maharashtra.

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